About Us

In the beginning was the search for a sophisticated bag, a bag that combines puristic-urban style, sustainable quality and function for multi-puprose life. This search was the inspiration for the creation of FEYNSINN. Our founder NiK started to produce her first bags after a long search for the right materials which helped to realize her vision

After finishing her studies in Milan and London, NiK started to create her first collection of premium leather bags. Today she works with a small creative team that has already gained valuable experience from working with Anna Sui New York, Ghost London and Rochas Paris. 

FEYNSINN - minimalistic leather bags with clean lines and sophisticated design 

What does minimalism mean in bag design? 

In the minimalist approach, the bag is reduced to the essential design elements. Here, a clear rule applies: an element that serves only for decoration but not for the function of the design is omitted. This does not mean that no individual or attractive elements may be used, but they should be used consciously and functionally.

The 3 most important basics of minimalist design:

  1. omitting design elements that do serve only for decoration
  2. focus on the most important elements
  3. consistency and harmony of materials
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