You like to stand out from the crowd and like to have your individual style? With FEYNSINN you can give your bag a personal touch. With us you can imprint your initials on your bag.
In our Munich studio, every single individual customization is made by hand and engraved with a branding iron. For us it is always something special to customize a bag for someone. Whether for yourself or as a gift for one of your loved ones - in our online shop you will certainly find your new personal favourite.

Imprinting - Refine your bag with your Initials 

During imprinting, a branding iron is set with various letters and symbols made of metal, heated and then burnt into the leather. Imprinting is one of the oldest and most popular ways of customizing leather. In this process, the temperature and the pressure applied play a decisive role for the imprinting result. It is a balancing act, because on the one hand the metal must have a certain heat to achieve the deformation of the leather, on the other hand too much heat damages the leather. Embossing is certainly the most discreet finishing technique for leather, because in this process we deepen the leather at the point where your desired letters will be. Unfortunately, we cannot offer this process for every material.

IMPORTANT: Individualized articles are excluded from the exchange, since it concerns a particularly manufactured product!

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