Leather Care

Leather is a beautiful, natural product which can last for many years with the right care. Here we have a few useful tips for you on how to keep your bag in good shape even after many years of use.

Everything You need to know about Leather Care

You may not have known but leather care is vitally important if you want to prolong the life of your favorite leather bag. But each leather product has its own specific care standards. How you care for your leather product depends on the manufacturing process, intended use, age, wear and tear and environmental influences. The focus of efficient leather care should be on maintaining the appearance of your new leather product and protecting it from abrasion, dirt, staining and discoloration. In addition, proper leather care products are able to restore and maintain the suppleness of your bag and protect it from brittleness and UV rays.

We guarantee that our leather bags will accompany you faithfully for many years. Your bag will go through thick and thin with you and will take you on your daily adventure. To make sure it doesn't lose its old shine, it needs a little care every now and then.

The Best Leather Care Products for your Bag

1. Leather Grease

Leather grease can be used to regularly care for your leather bag. Leather grease protects and cares for your bag at the same time. It penetrates well into the pores of the leather and keeps it supple. The leather grease ensures that your bag is water-repellent. Treated with our leather grease, you can wear your bag on rainy days without worrying - there will be no stains afterwards.

2. Leather Balm

Leather balm is a care product based on the natural ingredients resin and wax (for example beeswax) for your leather bag. Leather balm is in particular helpful on smooth leather, since it seals the pores making the leather extremely water-repellent. Thus, a leather balm is very useful for a leather bag that is liked to be used every day and therefore must be sturdy.

3. Care Lotion

The care lotion is a light emulsion that provides your leather bag with sufficient moisture. Our care lotions consist either of natural fats or of a mixture of oils and water. A high-quality care lotion has a UV filter to prevent the bag color from fading and to protect the bag from antioxidants. In addition, the care lotion helps to reduce annoying noises that can occur when carrying leather bags.

4. Care Cream

Compared to the care lotion, the care cream is not as liquid due to the added stabilizers. This means that the care cream does not penetrate as deeply into the pores of the leather as the care lotion. But it does help to protect the surface of your leather bag over a longer period of time.

5. Liquid Leather

If you have a leather bag which is an all-time favorite of yours but due to using it almost every day the leather is brittle, there is no need to get rid of the bag. With so-called liquid leather even heavy tears or scratches can be treated successfully. But be careful that you do not apply too much of it onto the leather bag.

6. Leather Freshener

Should the color of your bag slowly fade away, we recommend a treatment with a leather freshener. Treating your bag with a leather freshener is a very useful way to make the bag look smooth again. After applying the freshener to your bag, the leather should be sealed with a leather cream or balm.

Care Instructions for Smooth Leather & Suede Leather

Smooth leather bags require a leather grease application approximately every six months against drying out, discoloration or fading, abrasion and raindrops. We advise you to remove small stains with a mild stain remover before treating the bag with leather grease.

Suede leather bags are more sensitive to dirt and therefore it is best to impregnate them to protect them from moisture. For the protection of your suede leather bag, we recommend a special leather brush to clean the leather and bring it back to its original shine. It is advisable to use a double-sided brush: The wire brush helps to wipe off rough dirt and the rubber side is ideal for gently cleaning the leather. If there are any stains left, they can also be treated with a suede sponge which acts like an eraser.

If your leather bag is very dirty, you can wash it with a special leather washing concentrate either by hand or in the washing machine. Be careful when drying: let the bag dry at room temperature without any sunlight as this may cause the color to fade. In general, it is wise to remove dirt before applying care products.

We do not advise the use of household remedies such as banana skins or body milk. These products are not appropriate for the care of leather bags.

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